UVC LED Bead Chips 270-280nm 3535 SMD for Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp

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Product Description


UVC led chip, it is suitable for ultraviolet disinfection lamp.

Dual core and dual band, no need to add indicator light.

Large chip, resistant to large current impact, stronger resistance to attenuation.

Efficient: Sterilization effect can be up to 99.9% in short time.

Energy saving: Compared with the traditional lamps, the energy-saving is up to 80%.

Environmental protection: non-metal gas or harmful substances emitting technologies.

Products can be widely used in disinfection, water and food processing, mineral analysis, chemical composition analysis and other fields.


Wire Material: Gold Wire

Bracket Material: Ceramic

Model Number: 3535 SMD

Related Color Temperature: UVC

Peak Wavelength: 270-280nm

Power: 0.35W

Voltage: 5-6V

Luminous Power: 5-15mW

Luminous Angle: 120°

Lifespan: > 10,000 hours

Operation: -30-60℃

Storage Temperature: -30-100℃

Package Includes:

1 Piece LED Bead Chips


1. Do not touch the LED, or will affect the normal light-emitting devices.

2. Power devices must confirm the positive and negative, reversing polarity may damage the device.

3. Strictly operate in accordance with electrical parameters, too high voltage may damage the device.

4. UVC status should be avoided close observation with the naked eye.